Bruce Parham - Hide Me lyrics
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Bruce Parham - Hide Me lyrics

Lord hide me in thy glory
In the secret place of your holiness and grace
That's where I'll worship in thy presence
I'll bless your name and give you reverence
Hide me, where your hands of mercy
Covers me from the enemy


Hide me from circumstances
Hide me when I want to take one more chance
Hide me when my strength is weak
Hide me when my eyes want to take one more glance


Oh hide me, hide me Jesus
Hide me from the enemy
Oh I'm asking you Lord to
Hide me Jesus, hide me.. hide me
Even if the enemy you hide, is me


When I worship, Lord you'll hide me
When I bless your name, Lord you'll hide me
In thy tabernacle, that's where you'll hide me
Under the shadow of the Almighty, you'll hide me
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