Bone Thugs-n-harmony - This Life lyrics
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Bone Thugs-n-harmony - This Life lyrics

[Chorus: Krayzie Bone]
You don't want to live this life
No, this life, it's not nice
You don't want to live this life
No, this life, it's not nice

[Layzie Bone]
Nigga stop! (What?) Hold on, before you jump and just listen
Take a second to stradle the fence
Let me tell you about what you been missin
Ain't a damn thang (damn thang) are you thinkin the grass is greener?
Like a nigga just lost his first love, singin "Have you seen her?"
Tossin high beams, chasin pipe dreams
lookin for shit that really ain't there
I mean it is what you make it my nigga, you better just stay on your square
Down here, killers and theives, pimps and pushers is on the prowl
If they find you out of your element, they'll pick you out of the crowd
Thang to do is face the music, take a stand for yo' position
Nigga get up, better stand up, man up in yo' position
Never have no mercy for them niggaz that's not applyin theyself
And shit ain't perfect so you gotta make it work for yo'self
You catch them coward niggaz runnin, duckin, lookin for help
But the realist niggaz in the game, play the cards they was dealt
Me, myself, I got some issues; I ain't dealin with yours
Everybody got they own drama, rich or they poor

[Chorus – repeat 2X]

[Krayzie Bone]
They gave me the 25 with the L, I'm in my jail cell
It feel like a movie, I'm gettin so woozy from the stale smell
Bailin, breathin Hell's air
My first day here - I had to get down with a nigga
that thought I was some kinda faggot, I had to show him no hoes stay here
Havin to die, it is my main fear
Why did I have to kill that man? I should've never let my anger build
Now my state of awareness keeps me wishin I was thinkin
Should have reason I didn't really mean to stop the boy from breathin
I was awake last night, real late last night
Cause I heard some nigga screamin, gettin raped last night
I did the crime, but I wasn't thinkin about me doin the time
These 6-by-9's, is about to make me lose my mind
Trapped in these closed walls - ain't had no conversation
with my family on the outside cause they won't except my phone calls
After a couple of years of sheddin tears, my heart is stone hard
Believe I'm ready for war and on guard

[Chorus – repeat 2X]

[Wish Bone]
I've been shot, grew up without my pops
In the hood round block seen niggaz shot
Got rid of them thangs, tryin to chase them knots
Cause I had to have it, knew niggaz that's lookin for where my stash at
Watchin my back, puttin up ready for niggaz that wanna check that
And I can't keep it kind, if you puttin in work
and your dreams is just like mine
Wake up in cold sweats, regrets about what I thought was lies
I can see me not doin that
But I did it, we live it, the hood shows you no slack
And believe it, there's no, no-no, comin back
Make money, think you're on that
Just ridin through the hood, you might have to push your wig back
Get the money man, the root of all evil
They say "Take it home man," but damn I gotta watch my people
You'll be high, cause one us lay there, not just him
But damn, everybody he ran with
They all gettin money man, money man
Right here (right here) - damn, see how life is

[Chorus – repeat 2X]

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