Dir En Grey - Bugaboo lyrics
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Dir En Grey - Bugaboo lyrics

Trying to figure out how, she puts it in her mouth
The self-deception
It is bitter and ugly in confusion? Or is it sweet?
Don't forget the eyes you see now
The fate

The justice died just now
It killed
Rationality and arrogance
I am crushed

You can't speak the truth without crying?
I dare you to just come out and spit it out
My beloved with a three bump belly

"Love" is what everyone's supposed to want
She lowers herself down, and at times gets fucked

The SMELL, it SMELLS of saccharine

It scatters into the burning-hot mandala
The black smoke rises blue
Do you want to go back? Or can't you?

If to love is just something you get used to, then why even be born at all?

The catastrophe

For whom do we kill?
I'm killed again today, by its twisted essence
I kiss the destruction type fly

The laughing voice doesn't stop here or forever
I skin the soon-to-be-broken eye...

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