Lil' Boosie - Power Up Them Pills lyrics
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Lil' Boosie - Power Up Them Pills lyrics

What you want them pills, what you want them pills, what you want them pills, what you want them pills, what you want them pills them pills, (yeah), (yeah), (yeah), them pills ecstasy ecstasy

I'm comin through in the drop nigga mouth off 'lot everybody hollerin Badazz how many you got I gave one to Lil Donkey, gave one to Big Curby, gave one to Lil Bleek now the whole car swervin she said smile for me daddy I can't my grill out they say once you pop a double stack it ain't no comin back and a matter fact we got a ecstasy spot somethin yellow somethin blue pill like Badazz watch. See my momma she hate it but my lil mama love it cause she be dehydratin every time we be fuckin tryin to holla at it in public try to throw people off but everybody know I'm rollin when they look at my mouth I'm rollin hard and I'm ballin Badazz stay shotcallin what kind a pills you wanna chew doublestack blue dolphin we gon ride to the mornin we gon go get right them bling bitches they gon have a nigga rollin all night.

I'm on them yellow gators feelin good ballin my ass off, this alligator is showin me cause I'm talkin my ass off, I saw a redbone I couldn't let her pass dawg I told her when they be rollin they call me Southside mad dog. 30 minutes went by now it's on a nigga sweat drippin off my face plus I'm on that liquor my eyes buckwide I'm peepin these niggas and you know when I be rollin man I gotta keep that pistol it's gettin hot in here I got on my tank top listenin to that Boosie man I'm feelin like Young Pac I need some gum now my mouth den got dry and I den smoked 100 blunts man I still ain't high in Baton Rouge they be jiggy like some thunder cats we got them slithers them aka them 100 packs you pop one you pop two now you like that you just left the pill man house know you right back

Eyes buck shades on I know you den popped somethin talkin all up in my ear shut up and get knocked fuckin I got wookeys and trojans poppin pills like motrins and all my niggas nasty be careful who you approachin I'm sweatin like the playoffs with my niggas and they off I need to take a day off jiggin like it's okay boss I'm rollin off the double ups shawty she wanna cuddle up but I'm a pull that cover up and fuck ain't tryin to make no baby I'm just tryin to catch a nut den flip her through the clit cause Boosie said he had ups power up.

Remix nigga, remix nigga, remix (let me get these niggas again then) 40 pills in my pocket 40 mo in my wallet 100 packs in the coat 100 packs in the bottle I pop pills I'm a roller I started the life started chewin them bitches like vitamins when you fuckin with titles rollin hard in my system she ready huh bro tryin to get somebody daughter butt naked huh bro I got my niggas in this bitch they jiggin in this bitch and they ain't never had a feelin like this remix power up power up power up nigga Savage Junior you ready you got yo sprite nigga now lil junior on them pills now Lil Bleek on them pills they one of me now Badazz on them pills the whole track on them pills now Big Curby on them pills him and Head Bussa they swervin on dem pills

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