Lil Duvall - Stalkers Anthem (bitch U Mine) lyrics
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Lil Duvall - Stalkers Anthem (bitch U Mine) lyrics

(Beat Boxing)
(Verse 1)
Girl I know this might sound strange,
But let me kno if I'm outta order, steppin to you this way
See I been byin you drinks for a while
And I'll let you kno...BITCH YOU MINE!,
So you need to give me your your name, and I'll leave you my numba and you better call a nigga today
As a matter of fact just give me yours too and bitch I'll call you(THIS BETTA BE YOU BITCH!)

Cause who you think you just mislead,
Is boo-boo written on my forehead,
I bought them drinks..Bitch you my girlfriend!,
I don't wanna hear that shit bout just came out to have a nice time and just chill,

(Verse 2)
Damn! Dudn't I tell you to call,
You tried to give me the wrong number,
And you thought you wasn't gone see me no mo,
But, SUPRISE! Here I am in the flesh,
Oh, now you you eging me,
Bitch, last night you was digging me,
Let me calm down,
Here's what we doin tonight,
I'll probaly go pick up my peeps, when I'm through i probaly stop by,
Then we gone chill,
Oh, bitch you gone chill with me!,
And your gonna be comfortable, u'll feel secure, cuz you wit me now,

(Chorus 2)
Who you think you fuckin with,
You must want your shit flipped,
I just brought them drinks, Bitch you is my girlfriend,

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