Nemesis - Last Night lyrics
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Nemesis - Last Night lyrics

Picture the ultimate dream we are the clouds so it seems
Your silhouette on the wall from the candle shine knowing you’re in my mind
We brace slowly, tender you kiss would melt the snow in December our bodies explore
Just trembling I look at you at an sensational grin blow the candle out you whisper more
I kiss your neck and go a little lower begin begin you say impatiently I love you I love you say it to me the screams of passion take over your hands cling to tightly to my shoulder its hard like thunder within gentleness I love you on a night that’s endless

Candle light a roaring flame ever so often you call my name passion and intensify as I ran my hands along your thighs, Sensual that’s what I vision with our love make a collision never before had I felt this grove as the way you body move. Candy so sweet and the pace was right on beat I could taste it like my favorite food as we got each other in the mood Ecstasy top by desire like never before I lit your fire covered your body all through the night when we went to paradise Last night

I Smile, you smile we touch, we find we love each other also so much this is harmony a superior romance and with you your hands on my body your fingers do a love dance lover may I then your body sways and in that sexy way you say ok I look into the candle and see your love image up until now the other girls are just a scream at your babe I make assumption we melt when has it ever felt this good as it just felt you are beneath me what a delicacy an endless fantasy We are in ecstasy. No I can say I appreciate you for all the lovely things that you do a Thrust thrust he trust he trust we must we must Lets get married



Never Before




Covered your body with shear delight when we went to paradise last night

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