Twista - Wetter (get It Wet Pt. 2) lyrics
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Twista - Wetter (get It Wet Pt. 2) lyrics

I'm callin ya daddy (daddy)
Can you be my daddy (daddy)
I need a daddy (daddy)
Won't you be my daddy (daddy)

Come and make it rain down on me
Come and make it rain down on me

[Verse 1]
Now come and kick it with the Twista
Black Caddy, Mack Daddy,
With a hoe up in the back seat
With the '97 pimp flow
Gotta feelin when you smokin
When I flip it to a track speed ?
Talkin about a beautiful figure
Astonishing as greek mythology
Body be just like a girl in uh..
What's that movie? nevermind
Let me enter your atmosphere
As you enter my world
And lemme touch that booty
I can't believe that your momma that cold
Her daughter got such an astonishing soul
You need a modeling role
Still a playa know you got it
When you climbin from the bottom
To the top of that pole
Cause you can pop and control
Your fatty's so accurate
When I'm smackin it
It's makin me say
"What I gotta do to get with that?"
When it come to makin it rain,
I can get it wet
When it come to cuttin the monkey
I can get it wet
You gone see me to ya baby
You need a better man
Here come the politics,
I'ma be your weatherman
Cause everytime I'm lookin up
And I see more ass
I'ma constantly see
Rain in the forcast
This-a-way that-a-way
I'm flickin 5,000 ones
Or whatever you wanna call it
It's a celebration
You the champion
Here's the fetti confetti
Come on and get drunk
with the money hauler?

You done been good,
But you can do better
I done been wet,
But I can get wetter
Come and make it rain down on me

[Verse 2]
But when I'm not for the feminine
And everybody that percieve with the hatred
I'ma teach them a lesson
I take shots of adrenneline
Cause thats the way I recieve immunization
Against the recession
I got the muscle off my hustle and flow money
An entrepenuer with ways to get more money
So don't be trippin whenever you see me throw money
Hah. It's just a little bit of show money
But if you want me to get it wet another ways
Then I'ma have to beat it up the first time I play with you girl
Touch your ears and your neck and play with your pearls
Then I reach up in your pants and play with you pearl?
When I lay you down you aint gotta be frontin or fakin
On me baby cause I know it takes the right touch
I ain't stoppin til you wet up the covers
Because I gotta keep on fuckin til I see a lot of white stuff
Now you got me excited I can't hold it
I'm feelin it coming I'm bout to let off an explosion
Let it ride when I see you I'm ? and shakin
When I touch your body you catchin convulsions
Thats when I know I'm doin what I'm supposed to
You chose me. I chose you.
Don't think I can get it wet? I told you
Come and let the Twist rain down on you

[Chorus (x2)]


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