Twista - Misunderstood lyrics
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Twista - Misunderstood lyrics

(feat. Buk)

[Verse 1: Buk]
It's safe to say that I walk a fine line between good and evil
This is a fine time for me to be trying explain
What's going on inside my mind nigga
I don't see no other kind of solutions to let these
Problems loose therapeutic the music is sort of masseuse
That massage my mental so I won't lose it sometimes
I can't help myself myself got a mind of its own
Buk cannot accept this jeffedy and Jeff want buk
To die be gone both suppose to be occ-upyin
The same time the same space
But no just me going out of my same mind

[Verse 2: Twista]
They don't really know how I feel
What the fuck is wrong with the muthafuckin
Twista is the nigga off of pill is he off of wet
Is he off of syrup something deeper than Formula 44 Benadryl
Cause a nigga finna to kill Misunderstood cause I pass'em what ever
Disaster is like cause I'm ?? I leave a nigga body
?? Passion as the Christ with a mask and a knife
Go blast with a mic if it's prophecy the verse
Should be last I'm the the future you are primitive
Morpheus I'm a scorpion in these shoes are
Venomous the new artillerist and
And you don't really wanna start from genocides
And you don't really wanna spark the nemesis
Get Lucifer as crucifer put you on her for murder boy
You don't want to bring darkness into this

[Verse 3: Buk]
Yeah although here lately you can feel my pain
Trying walk straight away from the hatred
That I hold deep down inside quiet
I may not ever talk shit bout a nigga biz
Cause a nigga sees besides that I ain't no a fuckin kid
You bitch you really know ?? did some shit
There could have been a minute that we really could of plenty through
But all of this bitchin cleanin shit seven hundred million the best
Just consider it all as destiny manifested in its self
No been through shit stepping over holes watching my steps
You don't know what I been through bitch

[Verse 4: Twista]
Yea I got money like ah pimp ?? rich then when
I hear an intru-ment-al I get in to then
Feminine two glitch then I gotta cut tha muthafucka like a
Gear tooth bitch! I thought that nothing be held to love
Especially if I feel will would be hell to us instead of
Holy divine I be outta my mind I would be tell because I'ma (misunderstood nigga)

[Buk:] I'ma misunderstood nigga
[Twista:] Cause I'm kind of like Kurt Cobain
An expert on pain you fearer I got lyrics and a pistol that'll hurt your brain
[Buk:] Because I'ma (misunderstood nigga)
[Twista:] Tell'em why cause I'm kind of like Tyler Durden
I can fuck a nigga up as I run my body wit flames nothing from the fire hurt me
[Buk:] I'ma misunderstood nigga
[Twista:] Like ?? move on me black and walk too weak
When I dip through the hood it's for the good hope these swag nigga don't talk when I speak
[Buk:] Because I'ma misunderstood nigga
[Twista:] King Neal Willy Lloyd Angelo Roberts when come to flow
You think you men can go hard but shit this man'll go harder cuz I'ma
[Buk:] I'ma misunderstood nigga

[Verse 5: Twista]
I'm bout to fuck shit up got me rippin through your body like a natural disaster
Move like a torpedo with the speed and vengeance of a killa if you lookin for a murderer
I'm the master motherfucker I'm bout to tear shit up with heat from a thermometer
Go get your mama to pay for the bury um... astonisher interplanetary to bury everything
From earth to ?? you feeling me cause I'm bout to fuck shit up like Freddy after Jason
With a affacination for elastration and congratulations for eradications because I know
Ain't no vaccinations for decapitations with the proper placing I'm bout to tear shit
Up because I take hits with that purple like I am a vican call me a lyrical loution
I roll with a mob of wolves like I am a lion some of the top some I am writtin
If you ain't strap aight we fightin can't rock by me through the middle of the field
With that white like I am a titan niggas never know what Twista be on
Don't these nigga fuck with a bitch from the hood I
Insist that I talk to a psycho psychiatrist because I'm misunderstood

[Verse 6: Buk]
Doctor I'm problematic trying to withdraw from all always lawless
Leave me solving all of my static cause I know god is calling me but not
To come home yet basically about the own set of blessings from the
Seas that I'll soon some yet might not be up on yet but any any how niggas
Try to pen me down with bullshit I'll try to keep it moving until they fuck up and
I distribute the blow! Cause I'm bound by law pure Chicago crown by the bosses on Scuva
Streets my project window down town office all I want is my music my money my
Muthafuckin shit too be you the among the elite not to sleep I was thuggin I'm just a good nigga
Up to no good nigga suburbs to the hood I wish you fuckin would nigga


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