Bone Thugs-n-harmony - Gone lyrics
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Bone Thugs-n-harmony - Gone lyrics

(feat. Ricco Barrino)

[Ricco Barrino]
Heyyy, wooo, ooooh
Hey yeah, ooh now

[Chorus: Ricco Barrino]
If I had one wish, that wish would be clear
That I would not have to go, that I could stay here
And although it hurts me, to leave you all alone
Just know I'll come back to you, for now I am gone

[Interlude: Krayzie Bone (Ricco Barrino)]
For now I am gone, for now I am gone (gooooooooooooooone)
For now I am gone, for now I am, gone (for now I am gone)
For now I am gone, for now I am gone (gooooooooooooooone)
For now I am gone, for now I am, gone (for now I am gone)

[Krayzie Bone]
When I'm dead and gone don't even worry
Don't mourn me too long, death'll get you discouraged
Keepin your vision blurry, prison and mentally hurtin
I know it for certain if I'm really restin in heaven
No need for you to fear, don't cry
Cause death won't forever have a grip on our lives
So I'ma be comin, be ready for the next shine
Cause I'm a believer that I'll see a resurrection
Don't believe that I'll burn in hell
I study the scriptures and they learn me well
No trippin, no drippin, no purgatory I dwell
I sleep, I rest in piece 'til I prevail
It's just a temporary lay down, I won't forever stay down
So keep me in your memory, don't let me fade out
I'll probably never see you at the crossroads
Guess I was wrong, I'm gone gone, long gone


[Layzie Bone]
We hit the road back in 1993
Had a vision like a prophet, the project was go see
The logic was so deep, I come back and do a lotta good
I heard the callin so I headed out to Hollywood
One-way tickets, my niggaz and no fear
Some said that we was trippin, the mission was so clear
Don't wanna go there, the money was over there
I still love ya 9-9, I miss ya St. Clair
Yeah, now I'm movin on a roller coaster
Just ridin, tryin to be Jehovah's soldier
And I'm grindin, tryin to make it better for ya
So for now I best be gone, be gone
I made a vow to change the world somehow
I'ma impact it and see it in this lifetime
On the dark road to bring back the sunshine
But for now I'm gone - I gotta go get it


[Wish Bone]
If it's out there to get, then I'ma go and get it
Get it 'til I got nothin left, chasin better livin
It's a 'tinuous mission, so I'm steady movin
And I gotta get it in, never settle for losin
I'm a Thug true, add to or get out the way
You could settle for less, but I need more on my plate
Eatin good, family good
Okay 'til that day I'ma get up and move, move
Show my babies how the Thug do, ooh
I'ma play it like it's my last game
If it's due better give it up right away
Cause a thug nigga's gonna bring pressure
See me fucked up, starvin nigga, never
And as long as niggaz out here gettin paid
Back to my old ways, who they gonna run and tell, huh?
It's a street thang, c'mon


Yeah we ready, back up in 'em with nothin but the harmony rhythm
Hard hittin flows all we give 'em
Flows that spit venom, no cop, there goes the end of 'em
Ever since the beginnin we winnin it
Get a glimpse of legends standin on deck
'Til we come we'll be here holdin down the set
Keep on wonderin what the Bone 'bout to do next
Still they humble and the hungriest, God bless
The fan fam flex all across the U.S.
Overseas and Tel Aviv and back west
You know we go the hardest, no need to say we better than the rest
It's obvious more or less
Came down off my high from the wet
When I had to do a stretch, I signed so I cashed the check
Had me caught up in a game, insane, my head blown
What's goin on cause ain't nobody home



[Ricco Barrino]
Gone, I'm gone, I'm gone, I'm gone
I'm so gooooooooooooooooooooone, ooh yeah!
I'm so gone! Wooo!
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