Yoko Ono - Amsterdam lyrics
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Yoko Ono - Amsterdam lyrics

By john lennon and yoko ono

Peace -
Peace -
Let's hope for peace
Let's hope for peace
Peace -
Let's hope for peace
Peace -
Let's hope for peace.
Peace -
Let's hope for peace(peacepeacepeacepeace!)
Peace -
Let's hope for peace
Peace -
Let's hope for peace.
Ohjohnlet's hope for peace
For our children
For our country
For our world
For our future
Ohjohnlet's hope for peace
Let's hope for peace.
Peace -
Let's hope for peace.
Ohjohn -
Good morning meine damen und herrenthis is the peace call.

John: what we're really doing is sending out a message to the worldmainly to the
Youthespecially the youth or anybody really that's interested in protesting for
Peaceor protesting against any form of violence and we say everybody's getting a
Bit heavy or bit intellectual about it. everybody's talking about peacebut nobody's
Doing anything about itexcept for a few peopleand the things arethe grosvenor
Square marches in london. the end product of it was just newspaper stories about
Riots and fightings. and we did the bed event in amsterdam and the bag piece in vienna
Just to give people an ideathat there's many ways of protest and this is one of them.
And anybody could grow their hair for peace or give up a week of their holiday for
Peace or sit in a bag for peaceprotest against peace anywaybut peacefully cause we
Think that peace is only got by peaceful methods and that to fight the establishment
With their own weapons is no goodbecause they always win and they'd been winning
For thousands of years. they know how to play the game violence and it's easier for
Them when they can recognise you and shoot you. they don't know how to handle
Humourpeaceful humour and that's our message really.

Questioner: what do you think was the biggest success in historyabout 300 years?

John: haven't a clue.

Yoko: wellmaybe it's still yet to happenyou see. that's why we're trying to do it. in
Other wordsby veryvery peaceful methods to bring peaceyou know instead of
Peace through violencethat's what we're trying to do and if we succeed in that
That's the biggest happening yet in the last 300 yearsbecause it's never been done and
Nobody has really tried ityou see. and that's what we're trying to do.

Questioner: what would you do in case of a war?

John: how do you mean?

Questioner: what would you do immediately if you would wake up in the morningread the newspapers and they would tell you england is in war with france?

John: I'd die of fright.

Yoko: I don't think that should happen. you talk as if something's going to happen
Aside of us. we are all in this you see. we are all in the same society and in the same
World and everything that happens to us is our responsibilityyou know. like any
Violence going in the world is just a symbol of all the violent atmosphere that is in
The worldyou see and when the nazism persecuted the jewish people that wasn't only
Hitlerwho did it or germanywho did itbut just a symbol of everybody in the world
Who had the feeling for the persecution of jewsyou see. so we share everythingso
That's not gonna happenif there's war suddenlythat's our faultyou know.

Questioner: so what do you think about the behaviour of austrian and germans during
The second world war? don't you think that they're a little bit more responsible
Than the others?

John: nonot particularly.

Yoko: nonot particularly. no. the whole worldif the whole world was really
Aware of it and if the journalists and the communication media of those days were
Really aware of their responsibility as well and reported everything correctyou
Knowwellwhich is almost impossibleI'm surebut as much as possible and if the
Whole world was aware of their responsibilityit could have been stoppedI'm sure.

John: wellwe know that britain and a few other counties waited quite a long time
Before they made any decision about what to do. I'm not quite sure of the factsyou
Knowbut after czechoslovakia and things like thatthey could've stopped it earlier
But they waited until it's on the doorstepyou knowuntil it involves their money
Their territory.

Questioner: there's a special type of petition that is vetoed by special contents ..

John: no. I don't think so because...

Questioner: hitler could have been voted by the frenchfor instance.

John: every nation will have a prototype. I think I was out talking to one of the
Austrian tv guys. I said can you name me one european country which hasn't sort of
Raped the world and he said austria actually was the only one that didn't attack
Anybody else. they were always on the defensive sideI don't know whether that's

Qustioner: but they were silent at the wrong moment...

John: okaythat's badI agree that silence is bad. but I mean there isn't one european
Country that hasn't had it's hitler in one way or the otherincluding britainin what
They did to india and south africayou know.

Yoko: so let's so back to the futureyou know. so that's why we're here. we want to
Talk mainly to the young people all over the worldbecause those are the people
Who are going to be the next generation. they're going to be the next worldyou
Knowand we just want to say we are with them. we're not preaching or anything like
That. we want to be with them and we're with them and in our waywe're just
Announcing that we're open to all invitations or suggestions or anything to work
For the world peaceyou seeand we're doing it nowin our own waywhich we think is
The best for us and also the young people have to realise that this is just as bad as
Before the second world war or right in the middle of ityou knowthat everything
All the violence that is happening in the world now are our responsibility and if we
Don't really realise it and immediately start somethingactionyou knowit's going
To be badyou know. and it will be exactly like you said. one morningwe find in the
Newspaperfind that the whole world is going to disappearyou know.

Questioner: I agree with youbut don't you seeI meanit's a fact that by through your
BehaviourI think it's okaybut for a lot of peoplethrough your behaviourto get
Suspicious. they don't think that this can be correctpeople sitting under a
Tablecloth protesting against wars. they don't think...

Yoko: okaybefore they criticise usyou knowand if they want to criticise usokay
Go aheadand they should do it in their own waybut do somethingyou know.

Questioner: so everybody should throw out his part of hitler out of his soulthen?

John: yesyeswe all have it in us. in a waywe're saying we want peace and we're
Staying in bed for peacebut I'm as violent as the next manand I'm sure yoko is just as
Violent just as well. we're violent peopleyou know. I prefer myself when I'm non-
Violent. I prefer me friends when they're non-violent. it just makes for easier living
And if we have to have violencelet's channel ityou know.
I don't know howyou knowthere's other people can work out how to channel itor
Give them somewhere to play and kill each other or something. but I don't want to be
Involved in their violence. I prefer to live in peaceyou know.

Yoko: all you need is courageyou know. you can just go out in the street now and
Take off all your clothes and just say peace you know and you'll be in the news you
See. just courage and if everybody gets courage and of course they would
Because they would think all right maybe this is a little bit embarrassing thing to do
But look at john and yoko they're doing worseso I can do ityou know.
That's all we're trying to doyou see.

Questioner: so you're putting couragealsointo the world?

John: we hope so.

Yoko: I hope so.

John: okay.

Stay in bed!

John: look there's a fly flitting around. just makes you laugh.

Yoko: what time is it?

John: what's the time?

Yoko: what?

John: 9:30.good morning. I was saying about bagismyou seeyou get in this bag and you
Jump out the window. next thing you knowyou got a policeman on your head. you want tea?

Yoko: you know what I wantjohn?

John: what; whatwhatwhat. ohgive us a chance! you want one before I do. yesour
Name got round a lot. could I have room serviceplease. do you want toast?

Yoko: just tea. which do you wantcoffee or tea?

John: tea.

Yoko: tea.

John: two tea's please. yeah902 and some toast. yeahbrown toast.
Good morning. yeahyeah. I know and some toast. brown toast. yeah. thank you. byebye.
Alright then....

John: hellodog. it's beautiful nonono. it'll just take a lot of looking after. well
Think about youamsterdam. it's a lovely doghuh.

Yoko: yesit's lovely.

John: thank you very much.

Visitor: here you are.

John: thank you. you gonna take him off me now'!

Visitor: yeahif you don't mind. thank you very much.

John: I thought you were giving

Visitor: byebye. byebye. nono.

John: I sort of was under that impression. she gave us the dog and then went away. very nice.

Yoko: it's rather sort of really swinging though. don't you think so?

John: the thought of the long haired beatle in the 19th century sanctuary. please
Stop this nonsense. go home. we don't like people like you. go to a doctor to be
Normalyou get this? go to a doctor to be normal. we're seeing a psychiatrist today
So maybe he'll fix us up then. bloody marvellous. we don't get through on some level
As you notice. was under marijuana. beautifulbeautiful. keep smoking. nothing illegal
Beautifulbeautiful. heythose kids are as hard as the real press.

Yoko: yesamazing.

John: amazing. they're just as tough as the real press. very sexy. it's a boyit's a boy.
Questioner: why are you staying in bed for 7 days?

John: ahbecause...

Questioner: wellfirst of alllet me say congratulations on your marriage and that
In dutch is gefiliciteerd met je getrouw.

John: ohdank u welohchocolat!

Questioner: how about explaining this mission you are on at this moment!

John: wellyou start...

Yoko: wellbecause we thought of this idea about staying in bed for 7 days for
Protest against violence in the world.

Questioner: did you think of it's geographical situation as being the centre of europe?

John: noI didn't realiseis it? ohfantastic! it was magic thenyou seecause the way...

Questioner: wellthey call it the centre of europe. it's an advertising campaign for an

John: okaywell give us a free ticket and we'll be all right.

Various people: stand up! bend over towards us.
Stand up on your kneesmaybe. turn upturn up on your knees.
As soon as we can ......(unhearable) ....but we need you here

John: soanyway a policeman came in and an elephant jumped on me headso I said
What's going on and he said cabbages and the next moment I was on filmyeah.
Lovepeace and bed!not forgetting jam of course.
Okayguess now it's over?

Qustioner: are you cold?

John: nonono!

Questioner: yeahmusicyou knowif you go back to the days of aof alet's seewhere do we start nowwe start with "do you love me? "

John: notnot particularly.
How about that?

John singing: good bye amsterdamgoodbye.
Stay in bed
For bed-in
For peace of the world
Stay in bed
Grow your hair.
Grow your hair.
Okaygood night.
Now it's time to say good night
Good nightsleep tight.
Now the sun puts out his light.

Yoko: what a beautiful day it was thoughvery tiringthough. it's so turning like
Crazyyou know.

John: you can say that sort of hot?

Yoko: grow your hair.

John: bed peace.

Yoko: hair peace.

John: hair peacebed peace.
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