The Roots - Hustla lyrics
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The Roots - Hustla lyrics

(feat. STS)

[Black Thought]
Let me tell you what priceless is, some advice to give
A sacrifice is what I made for the wife and kids
They say life's a bitch, but it's one life to live
I want my baby where that cake and the icing is
Out of them crisis-es, off of them vices-es
They see what we do and grow up in all likenesses
Really I don't wanna see 'em having to fight for this
Story of the family biz, I'ma rewrite the script
Daughter of a Hip-Hopper, hustla like her grandpapa
Her destiny done been determined so you can't stop her
from being independent, earning paper and proper
More like a lawyer or a doctor, not a man watcher
That's where your man got ya, it's a big world out yeah
I'm tryna make a black diamond or a pearl out yeah
and hit the people to the way the world twirl out yeah
And when I thank heaven for my little girl

[Chorus: STS]
Please let her be a hustla, baby be a hustla
Hope my baby girl grows up to be a hustla
Let her be a hustla, baby be a hustla
If not, then you're only a customer
Please let him be a hustla, baby be a hustla
Hope my baby boy grows up to be a hustla
Let him be a hustla, baby be a hustla
If not, then you're only a customer

Sugar Slim, I'm slicker than a squid, nigga no kids
No baby momma, Sugar freed from the drama
Sugar be where he wanna, no sweat/suite like a sonnet
No judge, your honor can't tell me how to raise mine
Figure that in due time, if and when I do find
true love, {?} maybe you can blue-line
Ooh I'm, caught up in the moment for the meantime
G I'm, all about the green like tree pines
See I'm, tryna get the scratch like a feline
Hoping that my seed don't know the struggle like me, I'm
hustling to make a buck, make a buck and fuck it up
Fuck it up and suck it up, then go and make another buck
Get the money, get the money, that's what I know
I'm hoping that my seeds know a little more than I know
I know, I know, but baby this what I know
If we ever settle down, well baby this what I hope

[Chorus: STS]
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