G-unit - G-unit Desksite lyrics
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G-unit - G-unit Desksite lyrics

With the mic on my nut yeah! i was burst with balls
My pops must of had a mic on his nuts got a stupid
Ass thing shoot like mic in the clutch that mean i'm
Never missing barretes and four fifths when i travel
Coast to coast and handle toast in both hands niggas
Gon remember the name (uh gutta) that boy put it
In his number like december had came that put it down
Just so he could win on my grave.

You know i'm coming for you
You know i'm coming for you
You know i'm coming for you

If you want to run put ya chips on board everyday terry in
The booth every once a day like chips ahoy just to smoke
I could smoke a least a mountain of atlanta and that rap
Shit i could put a couple of ounces on the line (not even my
Mom)my mom chedda smoke it like a bomb put it heavy on
The boy just like a mountain in the shine just cause you talk
About killing that don't make you a killa just cause you eatin
Banannas don't don't make you akilla cause you got shot nine
Tims that don't make you hot bitch! i'm better than hot nigga
I never been nigga get to close to the toast and these guns will
Pop nigga ihad been around the blocks and back marijuna x pills
Glocks and stacks.
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