Taylor Swift - Back To December lyrics
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Taylor Swift - Back To December lyrics

Oh oh ohhh
Summer nights, summer days, nothing ever feels the sme
Remember we were so Inlove
You said I always came above
Remember when you said to me
That we would always be...
Babe I never knew that always meant tomorrow,

Do you remember?
Back in December?
Cold cold weather,
When we were together
You made me smile, I asked you to stay for a while
And you said yes, yes, yes.

Do you remember?
Talking late at night,
You told me your problems,
I told you every single thing would be alright
Cause I knew, from the first day
I saw you... I fell in love.

Boy I was missin you and all the good times we had,
All the memories and pictures are thrown out in the trash, oh.
I believed you when you told me you were over me,
But you were lying to yourself you're just a big phony
So tell me, what you're waiting for, get your butt up off that couch and get out the door!


Woah ohh, yeah, I just wish we could go back (back) to December,
I just wish (wish) that we could go back to December (December).
we were so in love back then, I wanna bring it back again.

[Chorus x2 fade out]
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