Joe Budden - Intro (pray For Them) lyrics
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Joe Budden - Intro (pray For Them) lyrics

Pray for me, need y'all to just pray for me
Pray for me, somebody just pray for me
Somebody pray for me, need y'all to just pray for me
Somebody pray for me, need y'all to just pray for me
Now if it goes to the wire
I will never fall, I got the soul of a fighter
Walk barefoot over the coals through the fire
I thought the toll would be lighter
Make sure that blunt is rolled a little tighter
I tell 'em I'm just looking for some piece of mind
But they say I'm only working with a piece of mine
If I'm a do it it be on my own accord, no crutch
Swear to god I've never called upon the lord so much
Play the corner of the club, laughing at the wanna-bes
It's ironic cause they everything I wanna be
Would light a ton of reef
But that's gon' unleash
Everything I'm trying to hide underneath
Then I'd lose all I've earned
And if there's two things that I've learned
Is I'm the only thing at stake
And when you the only thing real
Really you the only thing fake
It must be time to escape from that
And fuck rhymes, might be time to escape from rap
Why should I be the only nigga to escape from the act?
So I lie since everybody just escapes from facts
Yo that sucka shit niggas be on I can't dig it
Joe – won't lose even if you plan to rig it
Yeah, nothing to prove, with no fear of how I'm depicted
I'm here, won't move, I don't care to be evicted
You don't like how I move?
Well I ain't gonna keep still
Any nigga want me killed
Wanna leave me in the streets peeled
Well if it happens it happens, I believe in free will
Just know that ain't how we built
I'll call niggas that'll dead you for a cheap thrill
When the clips empty, they gonna try to refill
And I'm a be the dude to try and stop 'em like, "please chill."
Y'all know all I'm about
They keep putting up roadblocks
I keep finding alternate routes
Now success seems likely everybody wanna try me
I'm all for it, can't trip me up
I won't fall for it
I'm just a man without a care
Neighbor to heartache, roommate with despair
Reminded my past is darker
Cause when A.M. died I was staring at Travis Barker
Wishing it was something I could say to make him cheer up
And so I prayed – he teared up
I ain't wanna see him go through that
The same shit that I feel, never showed you that
Cause it's none of nobody's business
And it just makes you look weaker
Every joke is just smoke
Look deeper, nevermind, don't bother
Some of y'all smarter
Enough ain't got sense that if you try harder
You'll get a glimpse of everything that I harbor
We all ain't got the strength to be a martyr
So to everyone who ever loved me:
I apologize and I'm sorry
Wholeheartedly, can't change it's just part of me
Not music, shit's art to me
Too fucked up to drive, here's the car keys
I don't care where we go, get it far from me
Choices I don't wanna make
I know I have to
Worlds going faster
So my ride or die chose the latter
I'm looking for a rush out of habit
Truth is, there is such thing as too much for a addict
Ain't the nigga I'm belittled as, riddle that, nigga come from middle class
If you speak to me, show a little class
Dropped out of school, a nigga couldn't sit through class
Learned to fall asleep through the sound of a pistol's blast
I come from where dad taught mom to get high
She's strong so we still got by
When I picked up the drug why the fuck was they surprised?
If it wasn't for your genes I wouldn't lust the supply
I come from a whole hood, telling me that I'm next
Handed me a mag, must've known that I was Complex
They say that you a wild individual
You just not getting my style, you too typical
Now everybody got a word for me
Shit y'all deem important ain't pertinent to me
Put your opinion with a feather, balance that
Grab medicine, when the success and the talent match
Now pray for them
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