Unlv - Pop 'em Up lyrics
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Unlv - Pop 'em Up lyrics

{u. n. l. v. talking}
Wusup! to my nigga kelthird ward is the motherfuckin' house
Mac melph calior.i.p. pimp daddykilo ya with mewusup bryce hahahaha

Chorus: {tec-9}
Pop 'em uppop 'em up
Watch 'em bleed to death
Ya played with the tec-9 now ya takin' yo last breath

Chorus: {lil' ya}
Pop 'em uppop 'em up
Watch 'em bleed to death
Ya played with the lil' ya now ya takin' yo last breath

Chorus: {yella boy}
Pop 'em uppop 'em up
Watch 'em bleed to death
Ya played with the yella boy now ya takin' yo last breath

I got to get my dash on my back window is startin' to rumble
I look back I see nigga's bustin' I'm out numbered
Try'na take my head offbut I was kind of lucky
These nigga's slippedand they bustin'but couldn't get me
Had to put my monte carlo away got myself an forty-five
>from my niggawho live close around the way
Now I got to find that niggaI'm gonna stalk that nigga
I'm gonna show yo asshow to keep the finger on the trigger
Like john wayneI'm handy with the steel when it's time to kill
Man I handle my business strickly on the real


{lil' ya}
Pop 'em uppop 'em upspttin' bullets at yo ass
Now it's time to make a third ward dash
But first hear me out motherfuckers and indorse yo word's
You makin' me sick with all that hoe shit you got on
My last nervesI had to get my strap and go bam!
You say I'm insanenow it's time to let my
Motherfuckin' nut's hang and spit on you nigga's
I don't need star's on my chest to make my fuckin' name bigger
I'm the capital y-a from the three u.n.l.v.
You repped on menow I got to serve ya "g"
I can feel yalook in my eyes guaranteed you won't
See no disguisecuz I'm real ain't no fuckin' boy in me
I was an hustlerand now I'm a "g"
I got real nigga's by my sidedon't fuck with the fake kind
This is for you disser's now I know I'm on yo mind


{yella boy}
Money in the power brand new eddie bauer
Off up into this dayI don't know why that shit was sour
You was supposed to be my hommie from the old school
Another good guy gone bad in the gamethat shit ain't cool
We used to play ballback up in the park when we was small
He saw me hustlin' on the sethe told me to give him a call
I hit him all alone eight o'clock we supposed to meet
Claim he had dopecliental in the fuckin' street
He said for three g's he hook me up real swell
I told him it was on the bin and I didn't know how I felt
We meet by the old dumpcuz them people hot
Glad I had my pistolwhen I left I dropped my glock
When I got therehe was ready to make the switch
Raise out my carI hear some noise from the fuckin' ditch
It was a niggertry'na kill meI'm smooth like a canon
I jetted off bustin'I'm a show 'em I'll be back


Fool I grew herenot flew here and y'all bitches new here
You pulled out yo gun and didn't use ityou lost yo self
I'm a take this nineand empty the whole clip bitch
Sixteen up in that assone more when ya hit the door
How many you knowsomebody rappin' fire up in luger
I haven't seen a nigga like this cry before
You best's to run when ya hear the sound of my gun go
Bluka! bluka! like lil' gy'all can't stop a killer
A drug dealera bitch stealer cap pillar
I'm known uptown for bein' realer then a
Twenty dollar bill with skills to make a peal
Don't slip updon't fuck up cuz i'ma have to
Pop you up


{lil' ya}
Boom boom boomit's the sound that you dead
With a bullet in yo motherfuckin' head
I'm comin' hard out the motherfuckin' 1-2-3 and yes
I'm poppin' these motherfuckers up constantly and
Motherfuckers know they can't handle me
Them nigga's bein' labeled as a third ward "g"
Leave a nigga dead in a ditchI leave you stankin'
Go to yo house and fuck yo bitch and have yo family
With them tear's in they eye's how did he die?
As they cryas they cry

{yella boy}
Slicky grease I'm backwith my nigga's and they gat's cuz
You tried to take my lifejust to make yo fuckin' meal's stack
Seven guy's told meyo first mind never leads you wrong
Face to face motherfuckernow you know it's on
The first timeI went out like a fuckin' soldier
A sloppy job on yo carI'm back just like I told'cha
Yo eye's buckas you was talkin' on a pay phone
You tried to reachit's to late buckshot's in yo dome
Yo boy's froze in the car in a state of shock
Tec got the tec and got to poppin' till he empty the glock
I'm not the onewe fuck shit up and outie see
Cuz we violatin' out of our territory
But when we comewe gonna come and get the job done
Fuck all that figurin' and frontin' and twerk up if ya want some
We left 'em bleedin'start to greetin' back stabbin' bitch
The war is onso bring it on cuz next's on the list
The rest of you worker's stand down with that funny shit

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