Unlv - Boom Get Chopped lyrics
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Unlv - Boom Get Chopped lyrics

I'm sick of it
Me to
Stop playin'
This here is for the
Tan shade man with the braid's
Stop playin' with me
I'm sick of it
Fake punk wanna be
Flip on this nine millmeter clip

{verse one: {yella boy}

Now you know this not some sunburst drink's
I'm so deaf then the def. comedy jam
Open that clipnow clip up like I'm firm
I'm a super duper rap rapper
Steady makin' snappers
Hand's clappernigga my chopper got'cha
I'm on the first floor emergency
Bury memister I'm sickI'm jump for joy
But quicklyin my disguise to finish the j-o-b
Ya seeI'm back on trackcan ya get with that?
Noyou's a hoeyou's a hoe mystikal!
I pack ya up like there's nothin' to be
Down like a streetsteady re-loadin' my weapon
Like a brass knuckleand my soldiers I mean shoes
I mentally retaliateya think ya slick
You not gonna bounceyou not gonna bow
Hoe you on my dickbut umm
I like the way you scream yelllla!
Cuzyou be sweatin' so hard you need three or four towels
I tried to shoot you in yo headI wanted to see some
Bloody breadsomebody in the crowd said
Girlthat boy dead fuck him!
He was a cheerleader anyway
You could never play it off hoeyou was really gay
Cuz you could break yo self but you can't break me
Cuz I'm a real fuckin' lyricst with u.n.l.v.
With the flow ummfloweryou know what
>from the floor upwith the dirt rapper
I'm the dirty rap masterI'm comin' to chop ya!
With my knock you out stylethat I practice
Like gymnastics'I'm a fantastic static phonetic
I'm out the atticwith the all black jacket
Bringin' much racketsnatch ya fagot
Worse then that standin' there I say
Hoe stop playin' with me!


We here stop him in his track's
Show him that I'm ruthless
Boomget chopped!
We here to stop him in his track's
Got to get my motherfuckin' name
Boom get chopped!

Verse two: { lil' ya}

How could bitches fuck with
Million dollar nigga's how ya figure?
It's all good for you to stroll through my hood
V.l. throw suspicious rock's at yo shit and
If they had k's they spray and leave you
Dead as a bitch! what type of nigga want's
To walk around here in braid's
What happened to the chuck'slevi's and the fad's
Swish blade in my pocketwhen I see ya I'm a cut yo hair
No matter whereit's ugly you don't want to see
The capital y-a get into yo shit nigga dick sucker!
Whoa flippin' motherfucker michael jackson pretendin'
You read for vision go suck a dick nigga
Reach around the whole third hit that ass
Picture me and you in a two man cell
You washin' nigga's draw's takin' my
Dick leanin' on the wall now mystikal you bitch you
Remember when you said you wasn't gonna bow
You disrespected the "u"


Third verse: {tec-9}

Criminal minded you been defined
As the fakest motherfucker in the down south area
I think your goin' through a phaze
What made yaturn around and talk shit
Your rhymes and you personally doesn't fit
Now wait a minuteremember that time
You got on soul train
You got the chanceand didn't even represent man
You faked the funkactin' like a straight punk
Check it outthey thought you was like us
The motherfucker siked up
Turned aroundhad a fuckin' glitter glove
Nowcan you tell me what the nigga here
Was thinkin' of?
I'm here to stop you in yo track's
The shit you dobe wack I'm fat
Shit's spittin' I done all ready stacked
Tellin' me that the nation wide
But you knowthat I know
You don't want the whole nation to know
You's a hoe! fuck the piece treaty
You started thiswhere's my all black clothes and
My all black beanieI play it pinnately style
Leavin' ya gutlessleavin' ya buttless
We put together the bomb alarm
Half this shit you can't touch this
You best's to stick to jumpin' around
Have the area first downcuz I'm the hound and
You the clownnow wipe the sweet from my neck
Cuz you ain't nothin' but a bitch

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