Unlv - Low Down Dirty lyrics
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Unlv - Low Down Dirty lyrics

Verse one: {lil' ya}

Goin' for it all I want to ball fall
So give me some chip'sI got's a
Motherfuckin' nine on my hip
I'm pissedain't nothin' shakin'
Shit's slow like before once again
I'm on the come up bro.
Called yella out his house
Manwe got money to make
Scooped tec off infaret
Then we make shit shakeact a donkey
Dressed like junkiesgettin' word on the bird's
Where they flyin'I'm a kill you if you lyin'
His cousin gave me the urge to want me take
What you gotgive me yo yaegive me yo ring's
And yo boulevard watchwhy you at take that
Link of yo neckput it in my bag with the key's
To yo jagI got to get yo gun's out yo fuckin' attic
Don't try to test my nut's and make me use the automatic
I rat a tat iton yo ass daddy make ya duck
When you see a nigga pluckboo-koo
Bulletsat yo motherfuckin' dome
Bitchyou should have knew you couldn't run from the chrome


It's best ya scram cuz I'm a champion
I'm dumpin' on 'em
I'm actin' a motherfuckin' donkey on 'em
I'm gettin' low down and dirty with the dirty thirty
Ya see I'm in yo neighbored hood and my nose dirty

Verse two: {tec-9}

We be dumpin' on corner's like
Nigga what it be like
Nigga be hangin' all night to keep they grip tight
Everybody know I'm a fool on the come up move
My baby boy need's new shoes
So what the fuck am I to do
Show a nigga how I act a ass on the trigger
Fully automatic m-11 nigga
So how you figure that I'm the nigga to fuck with
Graduated from slangin' yae to this dope shit
Twenty dollars a bag is what I'm givin'
Ak'stwo twenty three'smomma still livin'
Momma tellin' me the rent's due
Big brother doin' five called to tell me
It's all on uI became a man before my time
It's on my mindI'm now hustlin'
To pay bill's and still make mine
Now I'm caught up in that game livin' day for day
I got reason's to leave and reason's to stay
To see the finer thing's in life
Maybe get myself a wifeand settle down
But all these dope fiend's keep comin' around
What ya got? could it be they all want to see the
Nigga with the fiyah out that 1-2-3!
Call me the capitalwhite natural
Bullet lyrical dropperI run with nigga's
Who don't give a fuck and carry chopper's
I got to have it daddyI'm on the come up
Label me black connection 2-2-6! we blowin' up
How ya dealin' rock'skeep them snap's in yo pocket
Cuz I see the po-po'sy'all know them hoes
Tryin' to keep a nigga down
But I'm a houndI hate to do it to my own kind
But ain't loveif you takin' mine
Lyin' think and behindsay what's up to
My nine milli settin' of somethin' silly
Now tell me what ya wanna do cuz
I'm dumpin' on 'em! bitch!

Third verse: {yella boy}

I'm loaded got my double shot now
It's time to rock shop
I'm aimin' for the dome I'm gonna make
Everybody drop the ground
I'm a buck 'em down with them double shot's
I be's after a bitch a nigga de knock's upon the front door
I'm a play it smooththen wipe the floor
The door crackedI kicked it in and let both shoot's go
Three nigga's bangin' up all them clown's hit the floor
I found the ca¡ìh in a glass trash bag stash
I count's the coke and out the back
I made a swift dash
Hopped in my hoptie headed uptown
I ditched the body so it wouldn't let the shell's found
My criminal thought as I got closer to the bus station
No question's ask I call my dog
Let's take a fuckin' vacation
I got to run and the money fuck the city blue's
Ya bitch!

Chorus {till the end}
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