Amen - L.a. Decorum lyrics
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Amen - L.a. Decorum lyrics

Woman speaking on an Answerphone:
"I'm sorry Sarah, with your little nose down and your little braided hair, Gail.
From Cal state... Didn't you go to Cal state, Gail?
Sarah, Hannah and Robert. What did he say? Sarah, Miles and Robert Goldsmith.
If I left 4 years ago Sarah may come visit me"

Answerphone Voice: "10:51am, Tuesday"

A different woman (not on an answerphone, just sampled from something...):
"I don't think justice is Jesus Christ dying on the cross ---
Jesus Christ died with a hard-on. He died with a beautiful smile on his face.
Because of the total climax of dying, it's all music, all sound, all beauty, all colour, all at once"
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