54-40 - Faithful lyrics
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54-40 - Faithful lyrics

With every prayer I can get by
Every day's judgement day and I'm living long
Straight is the gate to the little house
My name is Faithful and I see my house

Not far from the town what's been going down
We're always hearing all the news
You got to find yourself if you run alone
Cause there's a danger and there's a fright

Won't somebody save me from this world
Oh I miss my babies and my girl

With the morning sun I hit the road
On to the valley where I see my shadow
I have to tell him and I have to say
Brother you have won but that is just for today

Inside the gate I'll get my things
This is the moment when every bell will ring
You may live or you may lose
It comes on either side when you got to choose

Happens when I'm praying I get high
She's the inner flame and desire

And everything seems okay
But that's a judgement call just for today
Even though tomorrow and the past can be lived
My name is Faithful and I'm over the bridge

Feel the way she heals me every time
Happens when I'm praying on at night
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