Joe Budden - Un4given lyrics
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Joe Budden - Un4given lyrics

[Chorus - Metallica Sample]
What I've felt
what I've known
never shined through in what I've shown
never be
never see
won't see what might have been

what I've felt
what I've known
never shined through in what I've shown
never free
never me
so I dub thee unforgiven

[Verse 1]
Lets talk about the struggle, lets talk about the pain
Some people say they love you, but that don't mean a thang
Some folks is so naive, not me.. I go insane
Some people dap you, they hug you.. they do it all in vain
That's my depression talking.. maybe it's really real
Maybe them doctors was right, and maybe I'm really ill
See I can't really chill.. without feeling the guilt of me
Stealing these pills ...
Is anybody feeling me still?
(Shit) except for the hood.. nobody told me, I ever couldn't
Instead, I pushed.. back when they told me I never would
Looking at me, like I was just a crook
I express the hood, and what I see on the daily
My scenery daily....
Task force.. B & E's daily
A task y'all.. being me daily
They want to put, 3 in me nail me
This is stuff, you only read on The Daily
Had product, but ain't supply it then..
High off more than the product just got me higher than..
Product of my environment
Look-at-where-they-put-me.. and look where they telling me I gotta be
Stop and see, the robberies ..the poverty..
Naw fam, its not for me..
Its got to be, an opt atleast
Without-dudes-gettin'-chased-by police
So they gave us film, sport.. and the gift to make a hot CD
Back to the wall, against the ropes..
Nothings believable, feezable.. they don't believe in you
You've been verbally beaten to...
A pulse, so the result to you think nothing is reachable
Reasonable, I tell you dreams come true
Yeah haters, even YOU!


[Verse 2]
Now take your hands, and wave 'em high
They told me I can't, but I said "why?!"
Like, fuck it, I'll try...
NOT fuck it and die..
See, this is real emotion we deal wit'
Often, and don't reveal it..
Often we stuff it inside, but I'm like fuck it.. lets ride..
I-- do what I do, because I do what I do what I feel
THEY-- do what they do, in hopes of what they do.. they appeal
They got a image, and a persona that they gotta fill
That they better do, for revenue.. so labels will be thrilled
Kind-of-feel like a wanted man...
I can't talk to folk, cause when I ask 'em to trust me
I'm feeling like they don't understand
(I'm) feeling like ain't too many people friendly
I feel like ain't too many people are what they pretend to be
Cause I'm in that zone, when I feel alone
Like everybody is against me
I just feel like I'm worst enemy
And naw, its not a cry for no sympathy
I'm just thinkin' outloud, to a crowd-- I'm just tryna figure out some remedy
Almost like every lesson, almost like every jewel, every tool..
That's ever been lent to me..
For the moment, is gone..
I'm like a new born..
I feel like a man wit' no memory..
Slow it down for a second, make sure I'm not losing you..
Or confusing you, I'm delusional
Ever you never been there, then you have no idea what illusions do..
Through and through, I'm hoping none of these signs aren't vital..
Or none of these rhymes.. inside the recital..
Why do it mean, I'm suicidal?
I'm ain't that Houston dude...
But-- I'm a MANIAC!
Don't get over, drunk or sober..
This the same way I'd act..
And I'm strivin' to pull together..
But atleast until these voices inside of me..
Go forever, be aloft- I'm liable to do whatever.. (c'mon!)

[Chorus x2]
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