R Kelly - Chase lyrics
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R Kelly - Chase lyrics

This is player hater one reporting from phd base over

This is phd base go ahead hater one

Yeah we have our talent in sight
How would you have us proceed over

Hater one this is your captain player hater
What is the talent's position

Well sir due to the heavy rains up here
It's hard to tell what the talent is carrying over

Well I suggest you try real hard hater one over

Uh yes sir well it looks like
He's carrying something square like sir over

What do you mean square like over

I don't know sir a cd of some sort
With glowing lettering over

Hater one I want you to look very carefully on that disc
And tell me what the letterings are

Oh my God this is big sir

Talk to me hater

'kelly v I p' I repeat 'kelly v I p' sir over

He's right captain this is big

Only if we allow him to reach his destination

We're waiting on an order sir sir

Hater one this is your captain
I order you to take the talent out
Do not I repeat do not under any circumstances
Let this disc be heard over

Roger that sir all systems go
Minus 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0
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