Carpenters - Christmas Portrait lyrics
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Carpenters - Christmas Portrait lyrics

When we were teenagers

We went through a mean age

We think we know just what you mean

We were typical siblings

With plenty of quibblings

I think we can sing you this scene

Big brothers are supposed to be smart

So how come they act so dumb?

Big brothers are supposed to have feelings

But most of the time they're numb

When we're looking for heroes

We usually find a clown

We're supposed to look up at them

So how come we're looking down?

(*) big brother are supossed to be nice

So how come they act like nerds?

Setting an awful example

Using x-rated words; they're really gross

We diagnosis them right for the local shrink

Big brothers

Big brothers are not as big as they think


Aren't they the worst? the worst!

(**) kid sisterswhere do they get all the dumbness from?

She just won't leave alonealways tagging after me

What a bummerI don't get no privacy

Kid sisterswho do you think baby-sits?

Hey misterdon't you agree it's the pits?

We deserve some kind of loving cup

Kid sisterswhen ya gonna grow up?

Oh yeah (yeah) wanna fight? (yeah)

Repeat (*) and (**) at the same time

But that was yesterday! (yesterday)

And today (and today) we can say (we can say)

That as the number ends (as it ends)

We're what every sister and brother should hopefully be

The very best of friends!
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