R Kelly - Dream Girl lyrics
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R Kelly - Dream Girl lyrics

So amazingunbelievaclemiraculous women you are.
Incredibleunforgetableyour the worlds greatest by far.
Sensationalso lovablemy cinderella you are.
So beautifulghetto fablousthe reason I wish upon a star.
As I lay me down to sleep ipray your heart ill always keep it.
Hope you feel the same.
So baby come and hop on board my life and
Just let love take us away.

Dream girl lets take a flight
Far away to a paradise.
Dream girl lets take a ride
Destination rainbow skys.
Dream girl lets kiss and hug
On a beach with white sand and all white doves.
Dream girl lets cuddle up.
Somewherewhere ever and make sweet love.

Baby you are my dreamdreamdreamdream girl
My sunshinemy blueskyslove is who you are to me girl
My angelmy piece of mindwoman you have come to set me free.
Love makinbreath takinsweet valentines to me.
Heart racincreatinand incredible fire within me.
I believe in you and metogether for all eternity.
And I hope you feel the same
So baby come and hope on board my life andlet love take us away.


Baby this love we make is to good to be true
Heaven must really love me because heaven sent me you.
Keep bringing me joyI don't wanna wake up.
I stay asleep as long as I can have you right here in my dreams.

[chorus x3]
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