R Kelly - Ghetto Queen lyrics
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R Kelly - Ghetto Queen lyrics

Crucial conflict come out and playhey come on
Crucial conflictkelly and rocklandcollabo'

Funny faces is all I see
At my placeyou on top of me
Playin' strip pokersippin' cristi'
I grip your shouldersyou sqeeze the sheets
I'm admirin' your heart shaped booty
Nothin' in your ovenbaby feed me now
Who's is thiswho's is thiswho's is this
Who's is thiswho's is thiswho's is this
My ghetto queen

1 - you're my ghetto queen
Right around the way from me
Watering those ghetto trees
We be high just like them weeds

Might be ghetto but you queen to me
That's how it's suppose to be
Do whatcha gotta do for me
Forever fulfill your fantasy
When you think of mehave your cream
Everything my team must to do one thing
You're the meanest queen on the scene
Make a player 'fien and be havin' dreams
For realit's real as it seems
You bring the treesI'll bring the b's

Begin to freeze on to meyou can scream to please
Plus I'm ready nowtake a standgot me on rockland
I can be your freaky manyou can climb insuck a 10
Want some ends? you outta there
No more funny faceput you in your place
Come be the dinnerI'm a bring a plate

She's my ghetto girl in her own worldshe's a queen
Queen of all thingsfor that I mean she's spring
Personality rings bells in my dreams
Night to dawnlight spread tightlet's swing
Grip it in motionwet coastin' with a little bit of ridin' rough
Up and down we strokestrokin' puttin' things in her pocket is fat
But watch her stay coolcalm and collected
Flexin'check itnever was on that stressin'
Cuz she bring that hay for the daywhat a blessin'
Right around the way from me
This ghetto queen got up with a king
Keep it clean and in essence

Repeat 1
Repeat 1

Where the players live
Have to deal with the macks
Like the traps in the concrete jungle
Life's a safari in the mornin' huntin'
In effectyour pulse beatin' like bongos
We be like thisgettin' high
Ghetto queen you look so delightin'
Heard your body callin'callin' mebaby
Tellin' me to rodeo ride it
Don't fall offhold on
Get your roll onstep asidehugged her back
She swore she wouldn't do meneed your loyalty
You're makin' me wantin' to snap
I know your man is mad as hell
Cuz it to a player and I did it well
And I added one more for the roadto let 'em know
Kilo weigh heavy on the scalemmm

Dedicated to my ghetto queens in jeans
That think they're mean
I'll massage you with whip cream
I wanna spread you legs and said you were my lady
Down with meclown with mefall to the ground with me
Lovin' how you sound when we get 'em off
Carry on to the dawngive a dog a bone (lick 'em low)
Rodeo showduckin' youbuckin' in the back of a cadillac
Tell me if you want it like that (let's bang)
Got me tweakin' mary janeit's a hay thang
Me and youeveryday keep it high like flames (your game)
What's my name? what's my name?
It's wyldstyle from chitownno shame
Me and the ghetto queen comin' up the main
Switchin' four lanesto the airplane
Sky high we fly when we roll by
On the down lowdoin' my thang man

Repeat 1

Crucial conflictkellyand rocklandcollabo'
Crucial conflictkellyand rocklandcollabo'

Repeat 1 until fade
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