Lucky Boys Confusion - City To City lyrics
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Lucky Boys Confusion - City To City lyrics

Where we at?
Ft. Lauderdale, one of the seediest towns in the country. It's gross. Sex shops galore.
You like it?
I feel right at home.

Hey, city to city
Hey, one shot tonight (one shot tonight, y'all)
Hey, city to city
Hey, one shot tonight


And I stop when I couldn't go
Feet are deep, go pop when I hear da flow
I'd roll with my sock cause I slide down
Lie down in the back with the top down
Relax any place that I might go
Tight flow, and I'll leave with the right ho
Back down when it come to the quick draw
Act out, cut rhymes like a jigsaw
Big dog line up on the front line
Insane, smoke weed in the daytime
Take mine, waste time in the bus back
Roll up with a philly and a dub sack
Know that this cat got a attitude
Show up, how I do what I gotta do
And it's all for the love of the game, see?
I stand tall and this shit don't change me.


Time zones, area codes, and clones
Truckstops and microphones
And there ain't enough free petrone
To make a motel feel like home
When you got none

I can't stop when I'm in demand
I go exile, AWOL, and back again
We stand stuck to the plan
I grew up from a mixed up kid
To mixed up kid with a van

Banned in several places
Pissed off dad's in several cases
Pissed off fans on the Net
Talking shit that we changed
But never show their faces

And if you want out, lookee, now is your chance
Otherwise put that little finger back in your pants
‘Cause we ain't gonna stop. I know where I am:
Putting miles on this fucking van
Come on


The rubber hit the ground
The kid was never crowned
I'm looking at the shit
That's ahead of me now

I got my head high
Mind higher
Flipping off the world
Before I jump in the fire

I got a hand in my pocket
One's full of a Red Stripe to get comfortable
I sleep with the sunrise, blue skies,
A pair of sunglasses, and bloodshot eyes

I've been to the Roseland and the Troub
I'm probably even playin' in your living room
I trashed all your treasures, drank your mom's gin,
Fucked your girlfriend, and I'll do it again.

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