Fred Hammond - Communion Song (interlude) lyrics
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Fred Hammond - Communion Song (interlude) lyrics

Now we are gathered here,
This time is sanctified to drink of the wine
And eat the bread.

For our iniquities,
His body was bruised
And for our peace,
His blood was shed

But we gather not in sorrow
(But to commemorate)
That He died to bring us back to the Father

Verse 2
What you must realize
Each time you eat the bread
And drink of this cup
It must be said
That you agree with every word
That's in this deed, and you embrace
The Master's death

But it's only to remind you
(The Law has been fulfilled)
A New Covenant abides...
The veil is broken...
We're trapped no longer outside.

(So eat the bread)
So eat the bread
(and drink the wine)
And we can have sweet communion
(repeat and fade)
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