Oingo Boingo - Cool City lyrics
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Oingo Boingo - Cool City lyrics

Icy steel shooting through concretecool city
Mountains of glass reflect the sky
Everybody feels real good in cool city
Each day brings a new surprise
Johnny came two-thousand miles to the cool city
He came to see what makes things tick
He cut his hair and bought new clothes in the cool city
Finally found his life's ambition

How to do nothing perfectly
To do it with style so gracefully
'cause life is so delicious in cool city

Outside no one's on the street
Don't stop or you'll miss a beat

Someone's standing in a doorway -- cool city
You open the door and check him out so casually
The music's blasting all night long in cool city
They recognize his faceso it's all right
This one knew the right address
He even knew someone in a band
While the others wait all night standing there in
Cool city

So hard to make the right friends
You might have to sell some skin
The nights go on forever

The blacks they all hate the whites
The whites think they're toughbut they're notcool city
The boys go out with each other
The girls who will be in movies

If you're highyou're in the right placecool city
Animals seek out their own kind
Shake some hands and take a lunch in cool city
Someone's going to try and tempt you
Listen to all the brilliant plans in the cool city
It's all free nowbut you'll pay later with your soul
Pray to the the objects on the wall
That you'll stay young and never grow old
So come onthe water's fine
Have a drinksnort a line
'cause the nights get very chilly here in cool city
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