Nofx - 180 Degrees lyrics
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Nofx - 180 Degrees lyrics

It's so easy to defend the status quo
With everyone so cool and cynical
But when you see the end don't justify the means
It's just that 180 degrees

The great thing about bein' a human
The ability to reason
But reasoning don't work when no one cares
2 parts apathyone part despair

Guess whatthis might come as a surprise
I'll no longer roll my eyes
A change of heart to let the conscience breath
One quick twistjust 180 degrees

YeahI now know the right thing to do
Yeahanti tradition tried and true
Yeaha world where wrong has right of way
Yeahfuck that worldfuck that heirarchy

Go aheadworkwaste your life away
Fuck that worldgo fuck that right away
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