Angra - Running Alone lyrics
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Angra - Running Alone lyrics

When the brave fought
On the land of freedom for the men
Now the bells of hope are ringing

Angels cry again
Spreading the fire
The goddess of wind was mad, oh no!
Rushing our destiny (and) from now
Visions of steady land
Dividing us all.
Cheering the sight
Orders to wait until the night

What happned to your life?
Answer me,

Answer me, what do you hide?
The storm made us angry, I don't know!
And hide all your tears
Spreading the fear
Old friends like enemys, be strong!
Don't let it drown
Revolting the high command
Captain took off before the dawn.

Answer me,
What happened to your life?
Answer me, what do you hide?
Can't you see
Can't you see it?

Salvation without fight?
That you are blind
Under the sun
In a solitary world
I am running alone
Weary hands from digging dirt
Scars on my face

I was dying all alone
Am running?
Where am I?
Left my future far behind
Where has everyone gone this time?
I am nothing but the sole survivor

Under the sun I still see this world burning
Scars on my face shows the eyes of a man running
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