Nas - Grand Finale lyrics
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Nas - Grand Finale lyrics

[dmx - dialogue]
I ain't goin back to jail
Next timethe county or the state see me
It's gonna be in a bag

Uhh! this is it baby!
End of the roadha hah!
When you a dawgyou a dawg for life!
You don't hear me thoughyou don't hear me though
You don't hear me thoughc'monc'mon!

[method man]
Watch them young guns that take nonenobody safe
From the friday the 13thghetto jason
Itchy trigger finger achinsnatch yo' ass
Out that s-class for fakinforty-fo' blast
Is a bloodbathtake your first step down a thug path
Ain't no love herejust slugs here
Kids know the half you get plugged herethat's just impossible
For the weak to last now behold the unstoppable
Third eye watchin youwatchin me
Throwin rocks from the penalty boxcop a plea
Young g we was born to diedon't cry for me
Just keep the heat closely and ride for me
Cause we family for better or worseyou and i
From the dirtyou snatch purseso hard it hurt
To be hereand each yearI'm pourin out more beer
For deceased peersholdin fort
Police line 'do not cross'they found his corpse
In the loft with the head cut offand butt naked
Homicide the crime methodadd another
Killer verse to the murder recordthe grand finale

[lennox speaking - movie dialogue]
Who wan' test mec'mon!
Me shot pussy-hole fi fun

[nas escobar]
Hot cornerscops with warrantsevery block is boring
Friday nightgetting bentlick a poem
My dawgnot even home a month yetand blaze a girl
In the stomachhe robbin niggaz who pumpin
Lil' blood got poppedby the group home cat
Everybody nervous in the hoodpullin they gats
Fiend yellin outwho got those? go and see
Shorty snot-nosedhe don't floss but he got dough
Thug facesfugitives runnin from court cases
Slugs shootin past for the love of drug paper
Queens cap peelerssoldiersdrug dealers
And god'll throw a beam of lightning down cause he feel us
May the next onestrike me down if I'm not the realest
The mayor wanna call the swat team to come and kill us
Butdawgs are friendsif one see the morgueone'll live
To get revengeand we ride to the end
Bravehearts blow the lye with hennand still rise
Took alive with live menmy man got three six-to-eighteen's
And only five inthe belly of the beast
Didn't wanna hear the shit I tried to tell him on the streets
It's irrelevantthe beast love to eat black meat
And got us niggaz from the hoodhangin off his teeth
We slangin to eatbringin the heat
Bulletholesrazor scars is the pain in the streethuh

Chorus: ja rule (repeat 2x)

When you a dawg you a dawg for life (ride or die)
My dawgs feel pain from love (see eye to eye)
Give us one shot at life (let us fly)
Come on niggaz! (we dawgs for life)

[dmx and lakid {dialogue}]
There's mad money out here dawg
Mad money out here
What you tryin to get it? (word up)
You gonna bust your gun to get it? (tshwhatever yo)
I hear you I hear you

UhhI've lost my grip on reality or so it would seem
Pinch myself to wake upcause I know it's a dream
Niggaz that don't know me see me and think i'ma rob em
Niggaz that know me well see me and think i'ma problem
I'm just a nigga that's misunderstood
But word to God I turn your last name to underwood
Cause if I see iti'ma take it and run with itthat's me
What type of bullshit is this nigga on? that's d
The dawg come and getcha outside
The more blood flowswhen I plug holes with the snub nosed
Gun blowsbullets whistlewouldn't miss you
Hit you all up in your mouth like it tried to kiss you
Dramait's right herehow much you need?
Beat you down with gat see how much you bleed
How much you pleadfor your lifeyou was a killer
And all the bitches comin up out that ass you feelingettin realer
Now beg for your lifeone more timeone more crime
One more ninec'mon cry nigga
It's over! this is the shitthat hits hard
You either the last one standingor the last one to fall

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