Pennywise - Judgement Day lyrics
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Pennywise - Judgement Day lyrics

Who ever knew there's be days like these when the world could knock us to our knees?
We didn't fear the future or regret the past
We knew our days we're numbered and it couldn't last
The world's gone madit's so hard to believe it's like a bad dream version of reality
And now we don't know which way to go
And the pressure is building and it's ready to blow
I never knew there would be days like these
Hooray-It's judgement day-We had it good till now-now there's hell to pay
A moments time-we're all gonna blow it away
Poor me-It's my own tragedy I was born in a time of lunacy
It was all fun-but now we're gonna pay
Whoever thought there would come a day when the world
As we know it could be stolen away-we didn't see it coming 'til it
Was too late and now it seems like the news is getting worse everyday
Watch it go down it doesn't matter to you but when it comes to an end
Well then you will know the truth
Sit back and watch the tension grow, You can look for the answer but nobody knows
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