Bar Feeders - 10 Pounds Of Beef lyrics
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Bar Feeders - 10 Pounds Of Beef lyrics

No shit this girl I tough I saw her eat 10 pounds of beef at lunch
She files her nails into little points and sticks them in, it hurts a bunch
I'd best lay low awhile should could turn up anytime call it a hunch

Cocaine and boots and eyelashes that won't stand fuckin still
Olympic flirting medals hanging on her walls her room is filled

All yer stupid poetry is worth shit it cant make up for you
If you could be a bigger bitch, I'm sure thats just what you would do
Everything about you makes me sick 0 I hate yer guts yer like the flu

This is the dumbest-assed game that Ive ever played - It lasted 544 days
If she calls again tell her I'm gay

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