Burning Heads - Comrad lyrics
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Burning Heads - Comrad lyrics

comrad, you're the one
for the years to come
that's what you wanted
comrad, you've got the crown
power is in your hands
was it your only goal?
you got a project,
got plans for your little world
for any problems, you've got your own solutions

we are in the crowd
who's gonna save us all
you better check it out

but now, you've closed your heart
and we wont get no reply
we knew it from the beginning
right now, you've shut your eyes
that the people are starving

the words are lies in your mouth,
confidence dies in our hearts.

everybody's looking for a place in the sun
everybody's heard your call just like a song
everybody's suffering but you hear no sound
you hear nothing at all

you hear nothing, you are laughing, you do nothing

and you're out of sight, no matter nevermind
you forget, but we won't buy your lies
promises again, and never action
promises, promises....

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