Pennywise - Won't Have It lyrics
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Pennywise - Won't Have It lyrics

A model brother a model dad a model citizen has somehow turned out bad pledging allegiance to another flag lifelong devotion to a man they think was far from mad a written word from they think their peers a little propaganda they became white warriors bred on deception and bred on fear they don't hear the barrage of lies that pass right theough their ears when your head feels like it's real close to imploding and your life is revolving around hate all that shit your brain is overloading with help from papers and magazines another sheltered boy chooses what he will not see views so distorted how can this be when the love for hate is the basis for reality another headline anotehr bash another harmless victim beaten up and not for cash insanity well when will it end if you don't give it up you'll never have the chnmace to make ammends you cannot keep it all inside you've got to leave it all behind you got a bullet in your head it's time to make a stance now make it a bloody picture, psychotic dream choosing to follow the worst lesson in all history just get a future yeah get a life cause if you don't instead of mourning there'll be celebrating when you die
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