Lil' Wayne - Nasty (remix 2 ) lyrics
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Lil' Wayne - Nasty (remix 2 ) lyrics

Damn She Bad, Damn She Thick
And I May Not Know It Perfect
But Damn She It, And She Thick And She Right
Damn She Nice, You Can Be My Judge Baby
Yeah I'll Do Life, Give Me Life
And I Know That You Be Dancing Till Your Toes Hurt
But I Can Make Your Toes Curl
I Can Make Your Soul Jerk
We Can Soul Search
And I Also Got That Street Credit
I Got More Work Than Any Dude You Knew
Girl I Am A Blood Sooh Wooh (Haha)
I Hear You Want Somebody You Can Call Boo
I Will Change My Name To Boo
And Fuck Around And Call You
Now What You Wanna Do?
Because Whatever That Maybe
Baby I Won't Do That To You
And Ohh I Can GPS You
What You Gone Do Like A Pair Of Wet And Sticky Vintleys
Girl I'm On You Ok Ma Da Mood Is So Right
Like Two Can Take Flight
My Big Bro T.I. Is The King
I Am Your Prince Your Knight Right
You Don't Need A Superman
You Just Need A Man Like Weezy (Baby)
And I Can Make You Feel The Same Way
We Can Postpone And Stay Home Like A Rain Day
She'll Have The Salad Just Put Her On Wayne's Plate
Watcha Know Bout Having Syrup Being Poured On That Pancake
Nasty As I Wanna Be Or Nasty As You Like Me To
B I Hope You Like Me Too
But Now You Know I like You Too
3 A.M. Room Service Serve Ya
You Can Be My Dessert Be My Caramel Shepperd
Call Ya Mama We Can Make A Baby
And The Way You Work That Mic In The Video Was So(Crazy)
In The Chair Or/a Stool Move Was Cool
You Make Me Wanna(Ohh)
Don't Be Cool I Need A Moment
I Think You Are The Finest Human On Earth
We Can Get Together I Can Help You With That Homework
Take Yo Ass To School Too Boo
Teach You All The Rules You Neva Knew
We Need A Moment
I Can Be Yo Future
I Could Be Yo Teacha
Video Professa
Write Down This Lettra
You Want Some Extra Credit
Lemme Check Yo Homework
I Could Be Yo Tutor And Help You With Exams
No Failing Or it's Some More Time For You
You Got Them Goodies And I Gotta Sweet Tooth
Now Can Ya'll Blame Me?
Shit Hove Got B And I Just Want Cici
See I Just Wanna See If Your Taller Than Me
No Really I Wanna See If Your My Ms.Carter To Be
Yeah I Know This Is Pretty Ackward For Me
But I Just Act Like Your Talking To Me When You Say:
(Ohhh) I Mean Everything That I Say
From The Bottom Of My Heart
I Will Never, Never Ever Hurt You
I Open My Heart

Believe That And I Agree That
Open Your Heart To Me
And You Won't Get Yo Key Back
Ms.Ciara You Are Colder Than Blue
And Baby I Ain't Talking To Nobody Else But

There's Nothing I Won't Do Baby
To Spend My Life With You

{Lil Wayne}
Weezy F. Who Betta, Who Else But Me
Hey Sweetheart, Aye I Don't Care What Nobody Say
Real Niggas Gone Respect Ya Dig?!!!
Aye Darling You Are All That
Whateva That Is
I Sure Like To Know Let Me Cut That Out Man
Aye Straight Up I Just Did This Cuz
You, You, You Deserve It
Young Carter, I'm Out!!
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