Jimi Hendrix - Ezy Rider lyrics
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Jimi Hendrix - Ezy Rider lyrics

There goes Ezy
Ezy Ryder
Ridin down the highway of desire
He says the free wind
Takes him higher
Tryin to find his heaven above
But he's dyin to be loved

*note: I'm not exactly sure about these next 2 lines*

He's tellin me livin
Is so magic
Something is forever
So he claims
He's talkin' bout lyin
It's so tragic baby
But don't you worry bout today
We got freedom comin' our way


How long
Do you
Think he is gonna last
Carryin' out on a gas (?)

See all the others say
"do what you please"
Gotta get the brothers together
And the right to be free
In a cloud of angel dust
I think I see me a freak
Hey motorcycle mama
You gonna marry me? ha,ha

I'll be stone crazy
Love comin in at you
Stone crazy baby


Repeat first verse
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