Headstones - Possessed Thoughts lyrics
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Headstones - Possessed Thoughts lyrics

Possessed thoughts

V1: tryin to sleep hear in my bed
But i got thoughts of demonds all through my head
I can't take ot any more
I'm just gonna crack right now
If my life wasn't so bad
I woldn't be scared right now

V2:i can't tell you how much i'm scared
But i am yes i am
I'd hate to tell anyone this
But i need some help right now
And i no the devil wants my sole
Yes he dose oh yes he dose

V3:i don't care if you beleve me
But help me with these demonds around me
I don't give a damn
Well i don't give a damn
Oh no i don't (yeah)

V4:i want to know what it's like down there
I know it seems bad
But it can't be worse than right now
(oh no it can't Lord)

V5:i don't want to go
But i feel i have to (baby)
I am watin For him
To take me sole away

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