Graham Parker - Children & Dogs lyrics
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Graham Parker - Children & Dogs lyrics

Pre>intro: (a) b ae e a a (to get to the first b)

B a b a
She said she just wanted a friend and then she'd be good
B a b a
Something to play with now again and give lots of food
C#m a bc#m
We've got a yard that's big enough she says he's like a dream
A e b a b
But they've got us running round in circles like a pair of clowns it seems

E a e a
Children and dogs will always win everyone knows that
E a e a
I won't work with either one again it's not in our contract
E a (another a first time, 2nd time rpt last line))
Children and dogs

Now I'm outside freezing to death just walking the dog
Instead of throwing myself at my wife I'm throwing a log
We haven't slept for two nights he howls out at the moon
The kid says sometimes he bites can you bring a bunny rabbit home soon

A b
Make you trip over your ankles do all kinds of things that rankle
A b e
Make you wanna go and drink a tankful and remember when you were single

Instrumental chorus including "children and dogs"

C#m a b c#m
The bedroom's got two carpets and one sticks to your clothes
A e a b
Let's take a photo of all of us fixed grins in a family pose

Chorus key change up 2 semitones (f# b ) /pre>
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