Mista Madd - A Lil' Luv lyrics
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Mista Madd - A Lil' Luv lyrics

[Intro: Mista Madd]
Uh man
It's been 4 years
Ya boys still down talkin'
Show me love

[Verse 1: Mista Madd]
Niggas I know
Rather see my head low
Not makin' no doe
Cuffed by the po po
Look at what I started
You won't admit it though
Mad cause i move to fast
Ya just move to slow
Through all the hate
I still shine though
I illuminate whereever I go
I got a tight flow
But they won't say so
Man them boys know I'm busted
From Rimmy and Chateau
I got a phat house
With a little escrow
Got a 401K and a B.P.O.
Now they wanna make movies,cds,and much mo
Didn't even had a dream before I knocked down doe
Call me head hancho
Labeled ceo
Nigga I'ma big shot rappers don't make doe
You'll never be nobody
We gonna call you John Doe
Yes I did ya hoe
We gonna call her Jane Doe
She said I'ma might doe
Ya lovin' was so-so
Gave up ya publishin shea
And end up on Skid Row
I signed the whole industry
Won't admit that
First one to put out dirty.clean, and screw tracks
Created movies and sitcoms
No one remembers that
But ya'll be the first ones to down talk me
Ha how you love that
After all I did for ya
Is love too much toask fo
Some do give a little bit
But shit I need much mo

[Chorus: Heather Nicole]
Just a little love is all I need
You player haters never stoppin' me
Baller blockers won't you let me be
So haters step back and let us do our thing

[Verse 2: South Park Mexican]
SPM get death threats every day
Niggas talkin' bout they want me walkin' memory lane
Let the jealousy rain
My enemies pain
Bitches mad cause I'm one step ahead of the game
Credible name
And I give the same
Just ya everyday hustler sellin' my game
I was left in the flame
Raised by mama
Now I know I'm coming up
Cause I done fucked Madonna
I'ma baller
street scholar
Creep crawler
In a bloody body holler
I put dope on wax
Tapes and cds
Wake up every morning and smoke my weedies
We G's and if you hate it heres our quote
If my names in your mouth
Then my dicks down your throat
Don't choke ha ha
I love you haters
Cause if it wasn't for you
Ther wouldn't be us players
for real

[Chorus x2]

[Outro: Heather Nicole]
Just just a little love
Just just a little love
Just a little love is all I need

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