Eden Wood - Cutie Patootie lyrics
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Eden Wood - Cutie Patootie lyrics

They call me cutie, cutie patootie
rocking out the pageant stage and shakin my bootie
cutie cutie patootie
I'm a lil southern girl but no I'm not snootie
see my face in magazines papers and the TV screen
Cnn GMA got my own facebook page
pretty hair pretty eyes glitzy dress grand prize
books dolls TV deals Donald Trump keep it real
I'm a cutie cutie patootie
sweetie sweetie pateetie
lovin the attention but no I'm not needy
Thank you Shirley Temple for pavin the way
I got my start on pageants
from here on the stage
they say little pageant girls are flying by night
but it looks like oprah winfrey is doing alright
I'm a cutie cutie patootie
I squeezy swiss von cheesy
I smoochie return gucchi
I snuggle and guggle

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