A Hope For Home - A Grief Observed lyrics
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A Hope For Home - A Grief Observed lyrics

Come, now child! all of this is temporary:
i am merely a vessel bearing this curse.
and i can only run for so long.
come now lord, your dwelling place is now with men.
send your rain, then open up the sky!

they say you're coming soon, but lord, its been so long and i'm starting to lose sight (the solace of licking my wounds has led me to compromise my faith in all you stood to create)!

there's no sun or moon
you will burn so bright
we will become
shadows in the warmth of your light

catch glimpse of a falling star illuminating the depths of our world and burning away the pestilence of mankind. oh my god! send your rain! there will be no more death or mourning, no more crying or pain. the order has passed away. write this down:

all of this has passed away! it is done!

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