Monica - Don't Gotta Go Home (feat. Dmx) lyrics
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Monica - Don't Gotta Go Home (feat. Dmx) lyrics

X:Ain't no sense in whining bout it now
i mean we knew what it was
when we became apart of it feel me (yeah)
Its like
Mo: There's something on your mind
I can see right through you
I know your girl been treating you wrong
but she ain't know good for you
why do u hold it inside
boy you should let me know
i just wanna make it right
wanna be the one you can cry on
X: Baby its like i love my wife
but we going through things
and i ain't going home tonight
you got time for a nigga
or is he still with you
wanna meet at the same spot
or should i come and get you
aiight i'll be there in 10
be in the front
i been gettting what i need
so i'mma give you want
one on one
you know how to talk the dog
you bark the dog
and understand new york is hard
chorus:(so you) you ain't gotta go home tonight
you can stay right here with me
X: I ain't goin nowhere, when you wake up i'm gonna be right there
don't you worry bout a thing(i ain't worried bout...)
your here with me
X:Look its like i love my wife we going through things and i ain't going home tonight
Mo:Its kinda strange that when you call
she's never home, and your there all alone and
you deserve so much more baby
i can treat you better than she can
it doesn't make sense to keep on lovin'
and keep on trustin when in return all you get is nothing
X:Damn you got me f'ed up
and i'm feelin it more
never had a mistress this stressed before
C'mon ma, like it ain't that deep
like there ain't no love there,
like i don't hate that i gotta creep
we go to sleep in eachothers arms(yeah)
and i feel like this is where i belong
if loving you is right then i ain't wrong
its the same ol' song life and fam'
gotta be a father and a husband
but i'm still your man
Mo:The situations getting critical
I watch so many tears fall
I know she ain't what you want
So why you keep on holding on
when i'm right here
All you need to do is call
Don't be afraid
Cuz she won't kno at all
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