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Ti - Get That Money lyrics

Just follow my league
I could show you how to do it just follow my league
Just follow my league
That cake I show u how to get it
Boi just follow my league
Just follow my league
That cake I show u how to get it boi
I could show u how to get it
Just follow my league

[Verse 1:]
That cake I show u how to get it boi
I got it to spend
I mean I got I have 20 thousand in my pocket since breakfest
Russel simmons in my ear
Or entrapaneir
Another young black self made millionaire
Purple I keep it in a chronic
Blow that shit in the air
It dnt care nothin bout no money throw that shit in the air
We in g5 tryna fit strippers in here
And bust it open they self when we get in the air
They said money done gone
Well I'm a go get it
I whiped out 20 I could still cast in dis
In a hummer bought a hummer headed straight for a bently
Then u could start chillin
Nigga dnt be silly
Listen I'm a keep grindin I'm a keep pillin
5 million hours of chiefin n start dealin
Now I've been in different women who give me money I'm not tripin
At 40 I'm a be in my yat with my grandchildren

I get that money
I'm a get that money
Ye ain't got nothin for me
U betta get that for me [x4]

[Verse 2:]
Picture perfect I paint a perfect picture bad bitches
Standin vert. my intentions is gettin busy
Top in dis.
Sittin pritty
And we ridin down 20
Hit this one time and then get busy
A let me hit that one time and swicth cities
If I'm really gettin busy my heart is gettin women
Sell trend rides
That car in that city
Million dollar cribs that
Ballers dnt even live in
I got a help top swear to god I ain't even been in
Crib with pools I ain't even went swimmin
A keep watchin me then money showdie I'm a keep gettin it
Million dollar worth of watches sum times I keep thinkin
Dissmiss of all kinds

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