Tito B - 4 Tha Scrapaz lyrics
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Tito B - 4 Tha Scrapaz lyrics

This is for u scrapaz

[Verse 1:]
Quivo aqui estoy the real big boss
You ain't my jente, puto meet my nina ross
Tramapas, perras, and chavalas all scrapas ain't about nada
Vatos cholos nortenos hard to kill
I'm rolling with assassins scraps what we kill
I put it down like a northern warrior
Strapped like a soldier from northern killafornia
Chicanos be brown and proud
Fuck around with norte scrapas gotta lay down
Don't front puttin in work or you might be the next vato in the dirt
See my clicka, my boys, my camarradas
When we run into some scrapas we lettin loose the valas
I roll alone ene, soy chingon ene
I'm rolling solo that's when scrapas try to test me
Exterminating all the suratas
Yeah this is for the scrapas

This is for you scrapas
Thisis for you scrapas

[Verse 2:]
Now you on a mission just to get the grado
You need some help homie release these hallows
You think you bad yeah you think you malo
You acting a fool because you had to many tragos
Still I'm a teach ya but you should know
You could try but you can't fade the one four
Cause I'm a gangsta I'm down for what eva
Ya'll some levas
Your own varrio won't back you up
As they look into my eyes they know that they fucked up
As the war I passed and laugh at the trapa
That's what you call scrapas

This is for you scrapas
This is for you scrapas

[Verse 3:]
Crussin down the calle strapped like a soldier
Haters jack so I'm lookin out for the rover
In california you gotta stay strapped
If you see a scrap peal the mothafuckers cap
Why that scrapas cannot is it because northerners play for keeps
Just like the song "18 with a bullit"
Got my finger on the triger and I'm not afraid to pull it
If it gets out of hand I'll round up the cholos
Then bust caps at you stupid ass babosos
You still wondering que pasa
Nah you ain't my kind
This is for the scrapas

This is for you scrapas
This is for you scrapas

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