Koda Kumi - Rain(english Translation) lyrics
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Koda Kumi - Rain(english Translation) lyrics

When it rained, I snuggled up to you more than usual
& we smiled at each other...
Without an umbrella, I got rained on
I just go along with these feelings

[Though] I was the one who chose a different path..

Without showing me your tears, you waved your hand & walked on
It can't interfere more than this
I couldn't love you any way but this & I'm really sorry
I couldn't say my usual selfish things like I always did

We were always fighting over stupid things
Whenever we ended [our relationship],
The times when we were serious, we uselessly argued back & forth
Even though I understood, I couldn't be honest

It should've been better if we both could shine

It seems like I destroyed your future & I was afraid
During those days you spent with me
the kisses you gave me when I pretended to sleep lingers,
as does the kindness... everything...
I'll keep the feelings that ended in my heart again

I wanted to say something selfish once more
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