Sara Bareilles - Turn To Me lyrics
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Sara Bareilles - Turn To Me lyrics

From time to time I talk to you
As if you could hear me speak.
The breath of me but words of you
You take the one away, and the other still makes me weak.

Every now and then I start to laugh
Thinking of the last time you kissed me free.
Still reeling from the aftermath
Of the savory storm of you and me
It's a simple world I know the way it works. I know I'm not the first

From time to time I turn to you
But I won't let it show like you want me to.
My head held so high; I can hardly see
Wouldn't notice if you were turned to me.

I hope you can understand
Because we've all been there some
When you're hanging from someone else's hand
The moment of letting go will leave your fingertips numb.
It's a simple world. I know the tables turn.
And I'll close the book of you word after word.


If you were turned to me I wouldn't think twice to turn the tacit hands of time back to when you were mine.
But it's a paradox of chains and locks I keep on looking forward when I walk so I see almost nothing at all...
Except when from...


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