The Cheetah Girls - Cheetah Sistas (real Movie Version) lyrics
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The Cheetah Girls - Cheetah Sistas (real Movie Version) lyrics

~Galleria:There's a time, when we all choose
~Dorinda: To eitha quit
~Aqua:Or follow through
~Galleria:To just lose faith
~Aqua: Or trust your heart, to somehow lead you through the dark
~Galleria: Your not the only one
~Dorinda: Who's dreamin'
~Chanel: Who needs help to carry on

All: We might get lonely but we're not alone

Cuz we are sistas, we stand together we make a one perfect
family but we don't look the same. Our spots are diiferent, different colors
we make each other stronga that ain't ever gonna change.
( The Cheetah girls) We're cheetah girls chetah sistas.

Aqua: Gotta do what we gotta do got the brains got the power and we
speak the truth

Chanel: we're goin everywhere all around the world so you bes respect
the cheetah girls

Dorinda: Dancin', Singin' from our birth workin hard for what we deserve

Chanel: Tryin' not to break the rules cuz mama didn't raise no fool
it may seem we're only dreamin

Galleria: and we need help to carry onnnnnnnnn

Aqua: and to know we're not alone
( Chorus)

Galleria: Oh even miss it

Chanel: we're cheetah girls cheetah sistas

Dorinda: Always somethin' there behind

Chanel: To catch us when we fall

Chanel: Or even miss it ( miss it, miss it )
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