American Songs - The Day America Cried lyrics
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American Songs - The Day America Cried lyrics

In the shadow of the Statue of Liberty
In the torch light of the land of the free
Lies the burning wreckage of our Fathers' dream
And the souls who've paid with their lives
A nation saw evil in September skies
By some faceless coward who'll soon pay the price
For challenging the towers of American pride
The Day America Cried
Why, why, why, oh why

And now we stand as one
As flags are raised to hail our heroes
And now the healing starts
We join our hearts to remember all who have died
The Day America Cried

Now as a calm falls on the skyline
Now as the smoke reveals the sun
Still the fires burn in our memory
This date is etched forever, nine-one-one
At the alter of the chapel of liberty
We light a candle for eternity
And pray that history will never repeat
The Day America Cried
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