Rickie Lee Jones - I Was There lyrics
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Rickie Lee Jones - I Was There lyrics

Take my advice
It doesn't get easier watching the golden orbs floating out of the bars
And into space there's Frank Sinatra on the Juke box
Pause in the ketchup your face in the reflection in the mirror

He walked through the rocks, you know
He walked through the scorpion dust
He walks on the beach and now he walks
And he keeps walking 'til he's out of reach
Every generation watches the princes of their nation
File away until the Son of Man every, every Madonna means so little to the next one
We ran together down the Santa Monica Boulevard oh baby
You look so hard, so fine
And my second-hand capella all that night I said Oo hoo...I said Oo hoo oo hoo

There you are in your write dress shirt most of all I think I loved your hands
I loved them so much that it hurt and all the bartenders knew your name
And all the pimps knew your car and we lay by the Nazz
And we were blessed yes, we are
You tell them I was there hey I was there man I was there
When Jesus walked I was there when Jesus walked

Now I don't know what happened, what happened was Babylon and that little Sheba
With her siren song and the planets swirling
Where no one's ugly and everyone's square no one's ugly and everyone's square
There's no such place I heard such peach when he played those traps
I heard such peace when He looked out at the map
And it ran through me and echoed into another time and space and place
And it ran through me way on back in time way on up is fine
Way one back in time was on up is fine way on back in time
Take my advice and go throw it away it's gonna do you no good until you blow for good
Cause you are there man you are there don't you know
You are there where Jesus walked, every generation, yeah the princes of their nation
Well, I'm ugly, too. No, no you're not beautiful, no, you're ugly too
Cause you've been travelling in so many universes and you manifest here
It's difficult to see who you are
Brother I didn't realize that you were talking to me until you broke that bread and I saw that you were
Where have you been that you don't know what's been going on here in Jerusalem
Haven't you heard, haven't you heard about the Nazarene, you know
We thought we were gonna set Israel free
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