Outkast - Again (stankonia Remix) lyrics
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Outkast - Again (stankonia Remix) lyrics

[Lenny Kravitz & Big Boi] (Andre 3000)
I wanna see you again, see you again (earth-tone 3, the remix, Lenny Kravitz)
Dont you know we could win (Again, you know what time it is, OutKast)
I wanna see you again (Dirty South)
Big Boi, Knaimtalkinbout?, yeah, do somethin

[Lenny Kravitz] (Andre3000)
I been searchin for you, ive heard a cry within my soul
I never had a journey quite like this before
now that you are, walking right through my door (I wanna see you again)

[Chorus: Lenny Kravitz (Andre3000)]
All of my life, where have you been (dont you know we could win)
I wonder if ill ever see you again, (wanna see you again)
and if i take times, I know we could win (dont you know we could win)
I wonder if ill ever see you again, (I wanna see you again)

[Lenny Kravitz (Andre3000)]
The sacred gift of heaven, for better worse wherever
And i will let somebody break it down, watch how you cry
Neee-ver (I wanna see you again)


[Lenny Kravitz]
Ive gone through time, ive always known, that you were there
upon your thrown, a lonely queen, without a king
ive longed for you, my love for ever

[Big Boi]
Ladies say forever, as a tony he say maybe
Cuz when you show emotion, some young ladies think its gravy
Thinkin the Hillary Clinton, not to mention, and she got yo baby
Your connection to this woman, makes you tingly conversating
You think about that pussy 24/7
365 duce four, straight pimpin you in heaven
pousedta play ya post close up, then you make the most of
a situation thats raft-racing, then theres always ???

[Chorus] x2

[Lenny Kravitz] x4
I wonder if i-i ever see you again, (I wanna see you again)
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